I watch, touch, move and feel my art...

My creations are not flat when imagining them, so why would they be flattened when making? Whether that's me melting glass, knitting, choreographing a performance or recycling and pasteurizing fabric. It's about translating and manifesting my creativity into an artwork that invades our 3D space, leaving behind the pages of a sketchbook.

Based on my experiences of living in both the global south (Brazil) and north (Portugal, The Netherlands) has taught me how we are all interconnected. This pushed me to think as a global citizen. The scale can be of two people or two continents, it's the interaction that fascinates me.

This can be seen in my work when I look at the interrelationship between ourselves and nature. As well as, when exploring themes related to psychology such as loneliness, Depression, Autism and my own Dyslexia.

My interest in interactions which I explore in my choice of topics, also explains my preference of 3D mediums.

To engage and touch my materials allows my hands to do the thinking.