“But what if...?”

Visual Poem - 2021

This project is about our self-navigation in pre-defined spaces. How others perceive us based on the bias in place. How that can then shape and shift us around topics of belonging, identify, nationality, feminism.

Actors: Victoria Di Gioia, Georgina Henry, Carolina Cristallo
DOP: Hanna Wäger
Edit: Hanna Wäger
Voice: Victoria Di Gioia
Music: Mix of Heathered Pearls by Hanna Wäger

Alicia Framis, "The walking ceiling", 2018.
Performance - The glass ceiling, an expression used for the first time in 1978—is artificial, it is an invisible barrier in women’s professional careers. The invisible glass curtails and limits women’s aspirations and opportunities.

Sarah Ahmed, "Living a feminist life", (Chapter 7, ‘Fragile Connections).
“It might be that in order to inhabit certain spaces we have to block recognition of just how wearing they are: when the feeling catches us, it might be at the point when it is just too much. You are shattered.”

“Maybe you tended that way, a feminist way, because you already tended to be a rebellious or even willful girl, who would not accept the place she had been given.”

Stuart Hall, "3.1 Narrating the nation: an imagined community" (National Discourse).
“A national culture is a discourse - a way of constructing meanings that influences and organizes both our actions and our conception of ourselves. National cultures construct identities by producing meanings about "the nation" with which we can identify, they are contained in the stories which are told about it, memories which connect its present with its past, and images which are constructed of it.”